Mattress is by far the most important item in your household. And even more important when taking a mattress on rent.

Why? We spend most of our time sleeping on the mattress, recharging for the next day after a hard day’s work. Hence, you should give it a good thought before deciding the right mattress on rent. Our experts at RentMacha are here to help you choose the best mattress on rent. 

We provide mattresses on rent in Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad. You can find us simply by searching for keywords like – Mattress on rent, Mattress on rent in Chennai, mattress on rent in Mumbai, mattress on rental. RentMacha is a leading portal for mattress on rent in key cities across India.

We have listed down the top things to consider while taking a mattress on rent. While this is extensive, it might not be exhaustive. Said that, we are just a click away. 

Top things you need to consider before renting mattress –

  1. Make of the Mattress on rent

Mattress comes in different types and quality. You can select from Foam, Coir, Memory Foam, Hybrid types of mattresses. But for most usage, a simple foam mattress does the trick. We at RentMacha provide mostly foam mattresses on rent. Foam mattresses are the most asked for and used mattress on rent. 

We also provide coir mattresses on rent in select locations. You can reach out to us should you have a specific requirement. 

If you have a specific medical need, we urge you to reach out to your doctor once before deciding on the type of mattress. Sometimes, in such cases you might need a customized mattress on rent vs. going for a standard selection. 

We are also planning to launch a memory foam mattress on rent soon in Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad. Please reach out to us at for any queries. 

  1. Condition of the Mattress

The condition of a mattress worsens as it ages. You can face issues in such cases unless the rental provider has taken the pains to correct it. That is why you should be vary of taking a mattress on rent from the nearby stores. Such stores often tend to be lax on many metrics that become important in the rental service industry. 

At RentMacha we do a complete check each time we send a mattress for rent. We test every mattress for smudges, rough edges, dents and tears. If we find any defect, we get our experts to fix them right away. All our mattresses on rent are rechecked once again before the day of delivery. This is to ensure any issues that might have cropped up during storage are identified and rectified right away. 

  1. Tenure of Rental

You should also consider the tenure of your stay while taking a mattress on rent. Why? Because your rent will change based on the tenure. If you take the mattress on rent for 24 months, the rental will be much lower than that of a 3-month tenure.

You can select a tenure of minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 24 months at RentMacha. The deposit you pay will also change the basis of the tenure in some cases. If you plan to foreclose or extend your tenure, just drop us an email and we will assist you with the same. 

Most of our mattresses on rent are taken for a rental tenure of 11 months. 

  1. Cleaning Process of the Mattress

Mattresses are used daily and hence need proper cleaning before being reused. We clean all our mattresses thoroughly with disinfectants to ensure they are in mint condition. We send out our mattresses on rent in prime condition only. For us, safety and cleanliness are of paramount importance. 

We also use special cleaning agents to ensure the mattress is deep cleaned while being harmless to your skin. Do let us know if you have more doubts regarding our cleaning process for our mattresses. We shall be glad to help you out. 

  1. Replacement Policy

If you face any issue with our mattress on rent, drop us an email and our team will help you out. We provide free replacement for genuine cases and a nominal charge otherwise. Our replacement policy for mattresses on rent is very simple and easy to understand. Should you need any clarifications, please contact us. 

  1. Accessories you plan to take along with the Mattress

If you are planning to take a bed on rent, it is important to let us know the dimension of the bed. Our mattresses are made of the standard sizes and dimensions and should fit in most beds. Do reach out to us to ensure the mattress is placed perfectly on the bed without any trouble. 

Our mattresses on rent go best with our exclusive collection of beds on rent, bedside rack on rent, wardrobe on rent and dressing table on rent.