When you are on the hunt for the furniture, renting your home furnishing is an often overlooked option, but it is important to understand the right furniture that is going to blend well with your space. If you are not sure which option would be suitable for your home furnishing, you can get help with RentMacha to choose the right furniture you need. But what is furniture rental? RentMacha has been providing suitable options to rent furniture in Mumbai, and we provide rental furnishing to thousands of customers out there.

What is furniture rental?

Furniture rental is again an efficient process of leasing home furnishing for a short period, but when you rent furniture for your home, you end up paying a monthly fee for the furniture use. Depending on your needs for the rent-to-own, you will keep your furnishing after your desire to rent furniture you need gets completed.


Rent-to-rent is what you might think of as conventional renting, but this rental format lets shoppers easily rent furniture according to their needs for a particular time frame. When choosing rent-to-rent furniture, you can even choose an individual piece of furniture collection, and these furnishings can be leased for a particular time period. When the rental term ends, your rent-to-rent furniture will be picked up by the service providers, or you can return your rental furniture to the business from which you are hiring. However, some rent-to-providers will offer you an option to purchase the furniture after leasing is over. When furnishing your home with rent-to-rent products, you end up with a greater number of monthly payments as compared to the option of rent-to-own furniture. You will have a smaller amount of payment, and you will end up paying much less out of your pocket for the provisional furnishing. So, the furniture shoppers who need home furnishing on a temporary basis or want to make monthly payments without any long-term commitments can go with the option of rent-to-rent furniture.


Another furniture rental type is rent-to-own, and when you choose this option, you only need to pay a monthly payment that contributes to the economic value. The longevity of making payments can depend on how much you have for making the monthly payments, the total price you need to pay, and the special promotions you will get from the furniture providers. The shoppers have an option to rent furniture in Hyderabad while making a specific payment, and once the furniture is totally paid off, the customers can then own the furniture outright.

Same as the rent-to-rent furnishings, you will get the different options to rent individual pieces or the whole furniture packages according to the needs. Mostly, with the rent-to-own, however, you will be locked to make payments for definite hours, and you will not have the option to rent for any longer as you need for the furnishing purposes. Rent-to-own customers have to make lower payments, and they get the benefits for keeping the furniture once the whole payment is made.

Today, home appliances are becoming an essential part of everyday life, and for most homeowners, it becomes extremely difficult to carry out day-to-day operations without the right appliances. You cannot even imagine a day in your life without those appliances. You need refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners to meet most of your daily needs.

Life becomes easier with appliances, and it is especially true in the kitchen, where the large or tiny home appliances can save a lot of time and effort daily. Large appliances, including dishwashers, refrigerators, or microwaves, are important for a successful kitchen, but there are other appliances that provide different benefits. When it comes to items that work to operate homes or make them entirely functional, we all have our requirements for the things without which the operations become difficult. After much thought and consideration, here is a list of must-have home appliances that you will need for smooth day-to-day operations.


Consider what life can be like without a refrigerator that you use to store most of your favorite foods, such as eggs, cheese, meat, butter, and more. You would not be able to keep the food fresh if you don’t have ice in your drink, and the summers will become rough and tough to live in. It is why a refrigerator is an essential home appliance, and there are various refrigerators; some are expensive, while others are budget-friendly. However, when you want to have a great experience without compromising on the quality, you can simply go with an option to rent a fridge in Chennai.

Washing Machine

Nowadays, people prefer to go with a convenient way to wash their clothes, and most of them are extremely satisfied with the work that washing machines do for them. You just need to put in the dirty clothes, leave the washing machine to wash the clothes by itself, and you can use that time to focus on some other important household chores. Traditionally, people used to scrub the stains with the use of wooden boards, and today, it has been exhausting due to washing machines.

Fast forward to the invention of washing machines has made life easier and convenient than before as you need to put your clothes for washing while focusing on other essential tasks. Get washing machine on rent with us!

Smart TV

Television is again a medium of mass communication and education. It is among the amazing inventions used widely while utilizing the devices for amusements in the world. Which again has gained huge popularity, and today, almost every household has at least one television set to stay entertained during the time when they are at their homes.

These home appliances make your life easier at home while making your household functional yet effective, but if you think about it, what would you do without them? How are you going to wash clothes, how are you going to satisfy your craving for cold drinks, and how are you going to survive hot summers and humidity without an AC? Each household appliance has its own importance, and it is understandable that home appliances are going to be expensive, so going with appliances on rent can be a wise choice.

Whether you are making a plan to decorate your new department or want to give your old living room a new touch, getting furniture such as sofa or tables on rent is a great way to add a personal touch to your home. It can be harder to add a feeling of your own home to a building, but there are various ways to add a flair that delivers the warmth of a home. When you decide to rent furniture in Chennai, you get various benefits of having a completely furnished place at a little cost and without any hassles of arranging everything yourself. Whether you have short-term or long-term needs, going with an option to rent furniture is going to leave huge benefits, especially if you need it for a short-term stay. Renting is a cost-effective way to set up your home, and when you go with an option to buy new furniture, you end up spending more than expected. Further, you cannot even go without a sofa or a bed and maybe a chair or table. So, if you need to buy all of that in one go, you need to know that it can affect your wallet and cost you much more than expected.

Go with different styles.

Among the biggest advantages of getting a table or chair on rent in Hyderabad is that you can try out different furniture styles and pick the one that blends perfectly with your overall interiors. No doubt, your taste for furniture and style preferences can change and evolve with time, but you cannot expect to buy new furniture every time. Renting further can help test out different styles before spending your money that you can otherwise spend it any other important things. Whether you want to rent a sofa or table, renting can provide you with changes in the theme of your room or entire home, and you don’t even have to worry about anything else.

Don’t compromise on quality.

While you don’t want your furniture to cost too much, you also don’t want to live with cheap or low-quality stuff, but when you choose RentMacha, you don’t have to worry about the quality or cost. When you prefer to go with expensive furniture such as a dining table on rent, you can rest assured about getting the highest-quality furniture from rental services you can trust. So, whether you need to get a table or chair on rent in Chennai, your rental provider can help you choose the perfect furniture for your home.

Renting furniture costs you a lot less

Needless to say, but it can be the biggest advantage, and if you have guests over and need extra chairs or tables, you can simply go with an option to rent them. You can also mix and match the furniture while getting whatever you need for your living room. Some furniture rental providers provide complete furnishing packages, making it easier for you to choose the furniture you need. It comes complete with living room, bedroom, and dining room furnishing to give you everything you need to make your home a liveable space.

If you have old furniture in your home that is not updated for years, you might find the urge to give your home a new look and feel that perfectly blends your lifestyle. However, furnishing a high-end home can be quite a daunting task, especially if you are on a budget, and in such cases, you may want to consider getting furniture for rent.

Renting furniture can be an attractive option for someone who might not want to spend too much money on revamping their homes, so if you have any recommendations for a new sofa or bed, just rent it. From sofas to beds to dining tables and chairs, RentMacha has everything you to furnish your homes.

There are different reasons to rent furniture in Mumbai, and renting is easy, so you need to try out various styles while returning when you don’t want it anymore or if you need to make an exchange for something else. But before you decide to rent furniture, make sure to prioritize what you need and set your budget accordingly, depending upon the requirements. That way, you might be able to add a little more impressive furniture for your home, so here are some of the furniture rental tips to help you get started further –

Plan ahead

You need to have a clear-cut idea regarding what is going on in your mind about the type of furniture you are expecting for the space in which you want to invest. Knowing how you want your home to look is a great start, and you can get the best furniture for rent if you have a clear-cut idea for the furniture requirement. When you are making updates to your old home, you will likely have a lot of old furniture that will need updates.

A lot of furniture rental providers will provide furniture rental packages which you can opt for the complete set up to your home, instead of choosing each piece individually. It is especially useful if you want to maintain a consistent theme for your interior style for a particular room.

Color Matters

Before you rent furniture, you need to make sure all of it blends with the color of your room and other aesthetic features, so make sure to opt for the relevant option. Another thing is most furniture types do not go well with your living room, and it does not even blend in too well, so get furniture on rent that can complement the colors and leaves you satisfied. Everyone has their own personal style that they want to get reflected in the home you have, so you need to decide on your personal aesthetics and how you want your home to look. When choosing to rent furniture, make sure to go with a suitable style that is perfect for your needs as well.

Even if you go with perfect furniture on rent in Chennai, it does not need to be expensive, but it needs to be comfortable, as you may not want to snuggle with your loved ones or even your pet if it is not cozy enough. Similarly, catching up with the friends or families around your dining table will not be fun if your table is too small or chairs are not comfortable enough to sit on.

We all have one of those days when we look around our homes and think to make changes to the places around the interiors. It can include a messy-looking chair that you can replace with a new chair on rent in Chennai or an old shelf that you have not even used for a long time. You get across all of the furniture hacks when surfing on the internet to find the suitable one; it is when you are extremely busier, just like that, you come back to reality. You actually consider all the possible hacks you need to put in to make renovations in your messy-looking bedroom or an extremely muddled living room. You don’t have to worry about anything; it is not that difficult to fix a few things on your lazy days while you are listening to your favorite music, so we are here to guide you on how you can do that.

Use an old ladder lying around.

It is among the most amazing hacks that can make your study room or guest room look amazingly good – all you need is to paint it beautifully and place the antiques you have at your place. When adding it to your space, make sure to paint it with a color that best suits the tone or mood of your room while you place it in a corner. Decorate the empty rungs of that painted ladder with a few antiques, and there you go! At last, you can get a beautiful, aesthetically appealing side corner that will make anyone amaze with its look. Another option is to go with a shoe rack on rent in Hyderabad that is used for keeping shoes and works well to keep things organized.

Turn your laundry bag into a bedside light.

It’s an interesting thought when you have an old reading lamp and a laundry bag lying around in your house – you can actually turn them into a bedside lamp. All you need to do is to cut off the fabric on the laundry bag base and place your reading lamp into the laundry bag. Plus, the bonus point is that you can choose your own color – laundry bags are actually not that expensive. You can place them in one of the corners of your room, and these will diffuse the light beautifully to provide you with a super functional bedside lamp.

Use old clothes along with the laundry bags for an ottoman

If you have too many old clothes lying around in your wardrobe, you can follow this furniture hack to keep your wardrobe cleaner and to get yourself a new space. You can use a laundry basket made of cloth and fill it with old clothes, and to fill it up, put everything possible – whether those are the blankets or the towels. However, you need to make sure that you are arranging them appropriately inside the laundry basket so that they can entirely lay flat. Pack it tightly, close it to the top of the laundry bag and place a throw on the top of it to cover it efficiently.

When you need to enhance your space aesthetically, you can go with an option to choose office furniture on rent in Chennai that comes in handy to add the needed detail to your space. RentMacha provides living and dining room furniture on rent that beautifully adds an elegant look to the interiors.