Mattress on Rent

All our Mattresses are made of premium Foam of High Density to ensure maximum comfort.

Purchasing a new mattress can be very difficult, especially given the sizeable financial commitment involved. These days, a lot of homeowners choose to put mattresses on rent in order to closely monitor their own spending. You value your mattress highly both when you’re awake and when you’re sleeping. Your ability to perform at your best throughout the day is improved by a supportive, comfortable mattress. Mattress on rent makes it simpler to select the best mattress for you because you can test out various designs and mattresses.
To provide the utmost comfort, all of Rentmacha’s mattresses are made with high-quality foam. Rentmacha offers the best options for Stylish mattress on rent in Chennai, Mumbai and Hyderabad at amazing prices.

Currently, we offer two sizes – Single (6×3) and Double (6×5). For any Queries, Latest Offers or Clarifications, call 08530479099 or drop a mail at

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Snooze Double Mattress

Starts at: 273.00 Starts at: 219.00
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Snooze Single Mattress

Starts at: 173.00 Starts at: 139.00