Cancellation and Modifications  for Furniture Appliances on Rent

How and till when can I modify my order?

You can modify your order items up until three days before the agreed delivery date. You can email us the modification details or call us. Delivery time and date may change due to modification. We will charge the rent and deposit based on the new items at the time of ordering. This is a non-transferable contract. As a customer and party to the contract, you cannot shift items from address mentioned in this delivery address to anywhere else. In case of change of address you are advised to inform RentMacha, two weeks prior to shifting and only after submission of the new address and the revised address proof, shifting will be conducted. Should you fail to inform us and do the shifting, we will deem the same as an attempt to commit a fraud and shall proceed accordingly from our end.

Also, no changes shall be entertained under pretext of availing a lower rental due to sudden price fluctuations. All products ordered at a particular point in time and rental is a contract the customer decided to go ahead with.

What is the procedure for cancelling an existing order?

Once delivered, an existing order cannot be cancelled. You can place a cancellation request by emailing at or by calling us. In case an order is cancelled before 3 months of the rental period, the entire 3-month rental will be charged for all Items except ACs. In case of ACs the entire 6 month rental will be charged.

Cancellations prior to delivery will incur a cancellation charge of –

  • If 3 days prior – Only Cancellation Charge of 250
  • Inside 3 days of scheduled delivery- Cancellation Charge of 250 + 250 Logistics Charge

We hope you would understand that we would be helpless on this one and no requests shall be entertained. The cancellation charge is equivalent to the portal transaction fee charged at the portal end and along with a nominal processing fee of 250.  No requests shall be entertained on the same.

Can I return a few or the entire order if I do not like the items during the time of delivery?

We at RentMacha shall only take back items with major defects or non-functionality of the item. We will not take back any Appliances and Furniture on rent on reasons like dimensions or colour. Personal Quality Standards will not be a reason for return and will be treated as a foreclosure / cancellation and relevant charges will be applied. RentMacha will have the final say on the same.

All the product images, dimensions and descriptions have been updated on the website. We request you to check the same before placing any order. If you face a genuine issue, please do not hesitate to call our award-winning customer care support. In case you still need to return a part of the order, we will only charge you a one time part return fee of 1500. The rental differential shall be payable as per the change in pricing based on the final tenure of those returned items.

Please check and verify the quality of each item during delivery of the Appliances and Furniture on rent. If you find any issues, bring them up to use immediately. If you notice any damages, please bring them up inside 2 days after delivery. We at RentMacha will not entertain any such calls after 2 days of delivery.

Can I modify my tenure after placing my order?

You can get in touch with our award-winning customer care team from RentMacha to modify the rental tenure.  Our team will calculate the monthly rental amount basis the revised tenure in such a case. You can modify the contract tenure as per the following tenure flexible policy at RentMacha. You can also request a close of the order in case of an early closure. Please inform us 2 weeks prior in any such case. You will be charged the difference in monthly rates between the ‘Contract Rental Tenure’ (selected at the time of order) and the ‘Actual Rental Tenure’ (effective tenure at early closure)

The amount due will be calculated as:

(Actual tenure rent – Contract tenure rent) * No. of months of Actual tenure.

The applicable tenure rates for early closure are:

Given our monthly rentals across products keep varying, please refer to the indexing that we apply to arrive at the Actual Tenure Rent basis set formula. Actual Rent = Contractual Rent * Ix

Where Ix will be basis the conditions of (Contractual Tenure – Actual Tenure = n)

  • Ix = 1.075, when n = 1
  • Ix = 1.15, when n =2
  • Ix = 1.2, when n = 3,4
  • Ix = 1.3, when n = 5
  • Ix = 1.4, when n > 5

Please note that in case your tenure was 3 months and a foreclosure happened, the entire 3 month rental will be applicable. This logic is only applicable when Actual tenure is > = 3

If you wish to extend your rental tenure, please inform us 2 weeks before the end of the contract with RentMacha . In case of AC, any foreclosure prior to 6 months will incur rate of full 6 months rental due

The term “Lock-in” period means that you will be liable to pay a minimum of 3 months rent ( at 3 month tenure pricing and not booking pricing ).

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