Shipping & Delivery

  1. When and where do you usually deliver?

We work on all days of the week except Friday. We do free delivery, installation and pick-up in most cases. There might be a shipping charge applicable basis case to case. This can range from 500-1000 and RentMacha will have the final say on the same. In case you do not have lift or permission to use lift at your premises, additional labor charges of minimum 600  will be charged to carry the products through stairs. We currently provide Furniture on Rent in Hyderabad and Mumbai

  1. What if I am not at home at the time of delivery?

After you place the order, our representative will give you a call to book a delivery slot. In case you are not at home, you have to appoint a representative (flatmate/friend/relative) to collect the order and sign the contract on your behalf. Customer or his/her representative has to be present at the agreed date and time. Otherwise extra shipping costs, INR 1000 will be charged. Also, Customer representative should carry an original/soft copy of Customer ID proof at the time of accepting the delivery.

  1. What if my building does not have a lift?

In case you do not have a lift or permission to use the lift at your premises, extra labor charges will be applicable to carry the products via stairs; amount will depend on the order size and floor level. The same shall range from 600 to 1000 basis the number of items that need to be manually lifted. Please note that, this is a cost we give directly to the labors and not something that we pocket.

  1. What if my society does not allow vehicles inside?

Please note that you should ensure the entry of delivery vehicle inside the premises. Most of the times, it is not allowed to park the delivery vehicles on road. Please also ensure that you have completed the required documents and payment work mandatory with the landlord, we have observed that sometimes customers do not have permission to shift into the new house.

    1. When the contract ends, what happens to the pickup?

All notifications need be made 2 weeks prior to any termination. Last minute planning creates massive chaos in the system and in case of sudden needs a logistics charge of 1500 will be applicable. In case of an extension of the Furniture and Appliance on rent, you can simple notify us on mail and we shall update the systems accordingly.

  1. Who deals with labor (hamaali) union and transport union issues?

RentMacha deals with transport union at loading and unloading area. However, if there is labor (hamaali) union issues at your location and they do not allow us to unload at your place, you have to deal with them. In worst cases, we will take the items back without delivering and you will be billed the return logistics cost of 1500.