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A bedside table is a very useful piece of furniture for holding that glass of water to relieve your thirst at night, your reading glasses, and ultimately, today’s most important companion – the cell phone. The Elite bedside table is in high demand and will look great in any bedroom.
Piling up your bedside rack is almost instinctive. We all desire the ease of being able to reach out and grasp what we require. RentMacha has come up with some bedside table arranging ideas for your entryway to assist you with this. RentMacha is one of the leading furniture rental firms in India. We rent furniture in Mumbai and Chennai at prices that will surprise you.

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Starts at: 448.00 Starts at: 359.00
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Bella Bedside Rack

Starts at: 86.00 Starts at: 69.00
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Starts at: 1,133.00 Starts at: 907.00