Returns & Exchanges

To Ensure there are no lapses in communication, any request unless mailed specifically to, will not be considered and RentMacha will not be liable for any delays or additional charges being applied to the customer. The onus shall lie on the customer to ensure a written request is sent to us at our official email id.

We are doing this as it is humanly impossible for executives to handle verbal requests and hence request your cooperation on the same.

  1. Can I return items at the time of delivery?

We make sure all the products are new or almost new when they reach you without compromising on quality. There are a series of stringent quality checks that are undertaken on every piece of furniture before delivery.

No special requests shall be entertained once the items are delivered. Any special requests need to be raised upfront and RentMacha reserves the right to either accept of decline any such requests. A few examples that are seen from Lessees –

• Sudden change in mind regarding the product and request in a bigger size or a smaller size . Please note no such requests shall be entertained and the shipping charge would be bourne by the lessee if at all the change has to happen

• Perceived Quality and Personal Standards not met by the product delivered – No excuses of such sorts will be tolerated nor entertained. We are always here to help and adhere to quality standards of our own that deem fit every item that we provide on rent. In such cases a return logistics charge will be applicable. RentMacha will have the final say on the same.

• Cancellations after the items are sent will result in the Shipping charge of Rs.1750/- being borne by the Lessee that shall be adjusted against the deposit amount or shall be paid separately.

It’s the Lessee responsibility to ensure your belongings are taken care of during the delivery and installation of items. This is to safeguard the interests of you and the delivery team, so as to no miscommunication occurring at a later point. Shifting the blame on the delivery team shall not be entertained at any costs and neither shall any empty threats be entertained and shall be dealt with extreme severity.

If accepted by you or your representative (anyone receiving the order on your behalf) at the time of delivery, the products cannot be returned later. Only items with major defects or non-functionality will be taken back. Since the dimensions for all products are mentioned on the website, we will not be able to accept any returns based on that criteria. However, some genuine issues can be discussed over a call and we might take items back, but only if pointed out at the time of delivery. Unfortunately, returns cannot be initiated once the delivery is accepted by you or your representatives. To ensure that you face no issues regarding this, RentMacha team will leave your premises only when you are satisfied with the order.

  1. Can I return few of the items before closure of the contract?

Yes you can. But please note that part returns will entail a return shipping charge that shall be decided basis the location and the items being returned. You can request for early closure by informing us 2 weeks prior to the selected closure date. Apart from the return logistics all you would have to pay is the difference in monthly rental rates between ‘Contract tenure’ (the tenure selected at order placement) and ‘Actual tenure’ (effective tenure at early closure) for the selected items will have to be paid. The amount due will be calculated as:

(Actual tenure rent – Contract tenure rent) * No. of months of Actual tenure.

The applicable tenure rates for early closure are:

Given our monthly rentals across products keep varying, please refer to the indexing that we apply to arrive at the Actual Tenure Rent basis set formula. Actual Rent = Contractual Rent * Ix

Where Ix will be basis the conditions of (Contractual Tenure – Actual Tenure = n)

  • Ix = 1.075, when n = 1
  • Ix = 1.15, when n =2
  • Ix = 1.2, when n = 3,4
  • Ix = 1.3, when n = 5
  • Ix = 1.4, when n > 5

Please note that in case your tenure was 3 months and a foreclosure happened, the entire 3 month rental will be applicable. This logic is only applicable when Actual tenure is > = 3

In case of ACs, the same shall be true except that for any foreclosures before 6 months, the entire 6 months rental shall be due

Similarly, the contract for your order/one or more items from the order can be extended for the desired period by notifying us 2 weeks prior to the end of the contract.

  1. How would I get my refundable deposit back?

If a clean chit is provided based on the QC report and all your dues towards RentMacha have been cleared, the whole amount of refundable deposit will be transferred to account from where initial deposit was received. The mode of payment would be NEFT & would be credited to the account within 7 working days. NEFT Details shared should be under the name of the Customer on whose name the order was placed. In case the customer wants money in a different account, the requisite account details need to be communicated via email from the registered email id through which the order was placed. A written confirmation will also be required at the time of return pick up after which RentMacha will not be liable for further claims. Please make sure that the account details for the transfer are shared with RentMacha. In case of any damage, the products will undergo further inspection at RentMacha’s premises to ascertain the damage cost. This damage cost will then be mitigated from the refundable deposit paid by you.

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