Terms & Conditions for Furniture on Rent

Regular list of items under our T&C Policy

This Agreement shall commence on the date the products (more fully set out in the Schedule) ( “Product(s)”) are delivered to the Lessee and remain in full force and effect until the fixed period [equivalent to the tenure of the contract that is agreed by the Lessee while booking the Product(s)] expires and the Products is returned to RentMacha, unless terminated earlier or extended as per mutually decided by both parties.

“We/we” or “Our/our” or “Us/us” or “Service Provider” refers to RentMacha and shall include its successors and assignees. “You/you” or “Your/your” or “Yourself/yourself” shall mean reference to the lessee or his/her representative. This shall be applicable for all Furniture Appliances on rent

1.0  Tenure of Contract / Items

  • The contract has a lock-in period of a given tenure as mutually agreed by the Lessee and lessor at the time of ordering. The rental can be extended based on the lessee requirement.
  • In case of AC, a minimum contract of 6 months is binding and any foreclosure will result in a full payment of the 6 month rental
  • In case of Furniture, a minimum contract tenure of 3 months is binding and any foreclosure will result in a full payment of the 3 month tenure
  • The contract can be extended for the desired period by notifying us 2 weeks prior to the end of the contract.
  • RentMacha has every right to terminate the contract and take back the items if we deem the lessee is misusing or being extremely negligent with the items.
  • The final brand/model of the appliances as well as condition new/ refurbished, will be dependent on the availability of the same from our vendors at a given point of time. That being said, please note all items are thoroughly checked before dispatch, along with free servicing provided throughout the tenure.
  • All Prices are dynamic and change on a monthly basis. The prices that are provided at the time of your confirmation are what the pricing shall be till the completion of the tenure. RentMacha reserves all right to take a call on this matter and should there be any dispute, RentMacha can cancel the contract and take back the items at any point in time.
  • No verbal communication or SMS shall be entertained. Any request, grievances or issues need to be mailed on support@rentmacha. RentMacha will not be liable for any delays, lapses or escalations created due to such cases.
  • Empty threats / Verbal Abuses / Legal escalation hints shall be dealt with severely. This is to ensure our executives are empowered while trying their best to serve you. The penalty can be upto a complete forfeit of the deposit amount.

2.0  Payment Policy

  • The invoice shall be raised by RentMacha on the 1st day (“INVOICE DATE”) of every month and the grace period shall last until the 5th day of every month(“PAYMENT DUE DATE”). Lessee shall pay the rental charge as per the invoice raised and mailed to the Lessee’s registered e-mail address.
  • In case the Products are delivered any time during the month, the first month shall be calculated on a pro-rata basis from the date of delivery until the last day of the first month.
  • Please note that the premise needs to have a lift, else extra labour charges of Rs.600/- will be borne by the lessee.
  • The Lessee shall make all payments to RentMacha only. RentMacha shall not be liable for any payment made to any broker/third party by the Lessee.
  • While RentMacha ensures there are no problems with the items, in case of any issue please do not hold the payment of the rent as the two are separate and we cannot help if late charges are incurred because of the same.
  • All payments are to be made in advance. The payment needs to be made by the 3rd of every month in case of monthly invoices except in the case of a pro rata charge. No excuses of invoices not received shall be entertained later.
  • Basis your mode of payment a convenience fee might be applicable by the gateway vendor. The same is payable by you and RentMacha isnt liable for the same. You can choose NEFT mode of payment should you have an issue with alternative mode of payments.

2.1  Payment Default 

  • Payment made beyond the Due Date shall incur a late fee. Late fees shall be levied on the rental due amount only.
  • The late fees shall be applied three times each month; 10% on the 6th day of the month, another 5% on the 11th day of the month and another 5% on the 16th day of the month. All deductions would then be adjusted against the total deposit amount paid towards the items rented.
  • In the event of default beyond the 16th day, RentMacha reserves the right to visit and collect the items, with or without the consent of the lessee and without prior intimation as well
  • Lessees are requested to inform 2 weeks prior to their contract closing date for contract termination and initiate the pick-up of products. Upon any delay in the same, the Lessee would be liable to pay the due amount for product usage.
  • RentMacha reserves the right to share information with credit rating agencies pursuant to Clause XIII of this Agreement.
  • The Lessee hereby agrees that non- payment of rental dues, late fees, asset value leased and any other non-payment, may affect the credit rating of the Lessee and RentMacha shall not be liable for any claim from the Lessee for sharing such information with credit rating agencies. RentMacha reserves the right to enlist recovery / third part agents to recover items on their behalf should the need arise.  RentMacha shall be liable for any actions taken by the Recovery / Third Part Agents
  • RentMacha reserves the rights to modify the late fee clause without any prior intimation & it would/may be applicable for all existing Lessees.

3.0  Security Deposit

  • In addition to the monthly rental, the Lessee shall pay a refundable security deposit ( “Security Deposit”). The Security Deposit shall not carry any interest for the entire tenure. The Security Deposit shall be refunded to the Lessee on the termination and after taking delivery of all the Products from the possession of the Lessee. Once the final quality check is performed on all the Products, and in case no damage is found, the Security Deposit shall be refunded within 7-10 working days to the Lessee.
  • RentMacha shall refund the Security Deposit to the account details provided by the lessee at the end of the contract via e-mail from the registered e-mail address of the lessee. The same account details shall be confirmed at the time of the reverse pick up of the Products.
  • In case any damage is found in any Product, RentMacha shall have the right to deduct the charges for the damages or monthly dues from the Security Deposit paid by the Lessee and shall refund the remaining amount to the Lessee.
  • In case of default in the payment of monthly rentals (including late fee), RentMacha shall have the right to deduct such rental dues from the Security Deposit and may at its sole discretion refund or forfeit the remaining balance of the Security Deposit.
  • The Security Deposit shall not include any monthly rental. The Lessee cannot request for the monthly invoice dues to be adjusted from the Security Deposit.

4.0  Delivery Policy

  • On confirmation of the order by the Lessee, RentMacha shall deliver the Products to the location specified by the Lessee. The cost of the delivery shall be borne by RentMacha should the basket value be above 1000 per month rentals. Otherwise the lessee shall pay the shipping charge as applicable at the time of booking. The Lessee shall be present at the location at the time of delivery agreed between RentMacha and the Lessee.
  • In case the Lessee is unavailable at the time of delivery the Lessee shall appoint a representative (give an authorization letter) for taking delivery of the Products and the same shall be communicated to RentMacha prior to the delivery. The representative shall provide a copy of his/her ID proof and authorization letter from the Lessee to the delivery personnel assigned by RentMacha.
  • In case the Lessee is not present or has not assigned a representative for taking delivery, at the location and a second delivery attempt is required, RentMacha shall charge an extra delivery cost to the Lessee.
  • Delivered items cannot be returned unless they have major defects & are non-functional.
  • Once accepted by the lessee or his/her representative at the time of delivery, items will not be replaced before completion of the tenure. Items on website might sometimes differ from the actual product delivered. Unless there is a major deviation which renders the product completely useless, no such requests of refund shall be entertained.
  • Though RentMacha conducts detailed quality checks before delivery, the lessee is expected to check if there are any damages at the time of delivery and report the same to the representative of lessor and photos shall be captured of the same.
  • You are requested to sign the terms and condition document after reading it and hand it over to the set up team. Please note that a soft copy will be sent to you and the signing of the document means that you have read and understood our conditions clearly
  • We urge you to take photos of the items and mail them on the same day to us at support@RentMacha.com. This will only help us help you better.
  • Please note that the lessee should ensure the entry of delivery vehicle inside the premises. Additionally, lessee has to arrange for the permission to use the elevator.
  • In case an elevator isn’t available at the delivery location, there will be a labour charge involved for picking up and conveying the items via stairs as mentioned under Clause II of this agreement. You have the option of either arranging your own or leveraging our team for the same. But the additional charge would be borne by you – the lessee.

Modification in Orders upon delivery – No special requests shall be entertained once the items are delivered. Any special requests need to be raised upfront and RentMacha reserves the right to either accept of decline any such requests. A few examples that are seen from Lessees –

  • Sudden change in mind regarding the product and request in a bigger size or a smaller size . Please note no such requests shall be entertained and the shipping charge would be bourne by the lessee if at all the change has to happen
  • Cancellations after the items are sent will result in the Shipping charge of Rs.1750/- being borne by the Lessee that shall be adjusted against the deposit amount or shall be paid separately.
  • It’s the Lessee responsibility to ensure your belongings are taken care of during the delivery and installation of items. This is to safeguard the interests of you and the delivery team, so as to no miscommunication occurring at a later point.

5.0  Damage Policy

  • The Lessee hereby agrees that any damage caused to the Product or theft (including disappearance) or loss, shall be liable towards repair and replacement cost of the Product. In the event, the Product is stolen or damaged beyond repair, the Lessee shall be liable to pay RentMacha the market price of the Product.
  • Please notify us in case of any scratches or damages that you see with photos to support@rentmacha.com. Since we do our checks before sending out the item, it becomes the lessee’s responsibility to call out any damages before hand. No such requests would be entertained later.
  • The representative shall check all furniture items and appliances in order to ascertain any damage to the items.

Damage shall be defined as follows:

  • Minor scratches (below 4mm in width and depth and 4 cm in length) on wooden furniture will be ignored as they are considered ‘normal wear and tear’
  • Minor Chips and breakages in timber (below 9mm in width 2mm in depth and 3 cm in length) will be ignored, those above the said dimensions will be charged for.
  • Any damage which is a result of raw material or manufacturing defects will not be chargeable to the Lessee.
  • Any damage that results in the product being unusable will result in the value of the product being charged to the Lessee.
  • Tear in upholstery will result in charge towards replacement of upholstery. Opening up a stitched joint will not be chargeable.
  • Stains on upholstery which are not removable via dry cleaning will result in a charge for upholstery replacement.
  • The extent of damage would be ascertained by comparing against the quality control document signed by the Lessee and photographs taken on delivery.
  • Any variation showing damages, if ascertained as not caused by normal wear and tear, would be charged and would have to be borne by the Lessee.
  • A damage report (QC report) will be created on the spot and a copy will be handed over to the client. At the time of pick-up, a damage report will be generated as per damage policy. A clean chit or list of damages will be handed over to Lessee by representative of RentMacha
  • Once the items are at premises of RentMacha, they will undergo quality checks to determine the repair cost. Repair cost shall be adjusted and the balance amount from refundable deposit will be deposited to lessee’s account. The lessee shall supply his/her bank details to RentMacha to process the refund. This might take 7-10 working days.

6.0  Maintenance Policy

  • RentMacha shall provide maintenance of the Products delivered to the Lessee, for the entire duration of the Agreement or on request from the Lessee. RentMacha shall provide cleaning (one time per year) of the furniture, only after completion of minimum 12 months tenure by the Lessee.
  • The periodic maintenance shall not include any damage or breakdown due to mishandling by the Lessee.
  • RentMacha shall carry out the maintenance/repair of the Product within 2-4 working days after the request has been raised by the Lessee. Once the request is logged we shall work towards solving the issue at the earliest. But in case of any national holidays the Lessee / lessee needs to be considerate in case of delays due to national holidays.
  • In the event, the issue is not resolved during repair, RentMacha shall provide a replacement for the Product.
  • Any additional cost incurred by RentMacha during the maintenance and cleaning due to damages shall be borne solely and paid by the Lessee, either via online payment or as advised by RentMacha service representative.
  • No external technician or personnel must be engaged without an email permission from RentMacha through support@rentmacha.com. RentMacha shall not be liable for any issues arising thereafter on the specific item and the Lessee will be liable to pay all costs for the fix. RentMacha has the right to bill the Lessee up-to the entire product value should there be a requirement

7.0  Refund Policy

  • If there are no issues / damages on the product and the report provides a clean chit to the lessee and the lessee has cleared all dues, the entire refundable deposit will be credited to the account of the lessee without any interest within 7 working days. Please make sure that the account details for the transfer are shared with the lessor.
  • In case of damage, the products will undergo further inspection at the lessor’s premises to ascertain the extent of damage and related costs. This damage cost will be mitigated from the refundable deposit paid by the lessee.
  • Refund amount will be transferred to account from where initial deposit was received. In case the lessee needs the money to be transferred to different account, an application email listing alternate account details will need to be emailed by the lessee from the registered email id through which the order was placed. This confirmation will be also taken in writing at the time of reverse pick up after which the lessor will not be held liable for any further claims.

8.0  Termination

In the event, the Lessee does not wish to extend the rental period beyond the Agreement date, the Agreement shall terminate on last day of the rental term.

  • Default of payment of rental dues or any other payment dues by the Lessee;
  • Breach of any of the terms of this Agreement.

Consequences of termination:

  1. RentMacha shall have the right to take possession of the Products delivered to the Lessee immediately;
  2. Any payment pending from the Lessee shall become payable immediately to RentMacha.
  3. The Security Deposit paid by the Lessee shall be refunded to the Lessee post the damage assessment of the Products, as per clause III of this Agreement.
  4. In case of termination due to non-payment of rental dues, the Security Deposit refund shall be determined subject to clause III of this Agreement.

9.0  Indemnification

The Lessee shall indemnify, defend and hold RentMacha harmless from and against any claim, demand, cause of action or loss or liability (including, but not limited to, attorneys’ fees and costs) for any Product damage or personal injury arising from the Lessee’s use of the Product by any cause, except to the extent such is caused by RentMacha negligence or wilful misconduct.

The provisions of this clause shall survive the termination of this Agreement with respect to any claim or liability accruing before such termination. In no event shall RentMacha be liable for any direct, indirect, special or consequential loss or damage arising out of Lessee’s use of the Products.

10.0  Inspection

RentMacha reserves the right to inspect the Product delivered to the Lessee during the term of the Agreement.

Lessee shall ensure that the representative of RentMacha is provided with proper access to all the Products/premises for inspection.

11.0  Relocation

  • In case the Lessee wishes to relocate or remove the Product(s) from the registered address, a request shall be made to RentMacha 2 (two) weeks prior to the date the Lessee wishes to relocate the Product along with the address proof of the new address. No Relocation is provided for Air Conditioners and in such an event, a full re-installation charge and relocation charge will be applicable to the Lessee.
  • Once the request is raised, RentMacha shall remove or relocate the Product through its personnel only as per the mutually decided date with the Lessee. Relocation shall be subject to successful verification of the KYC of the Lessee’s new address and serviceability of the new location.
  • In the event, the location is not serviceable by RentMacha, the same shall be treated as early closure of the Agreement and the rental dues shall be payable as per the tenure applicable at the given point of time.
  • Relocation of furniture without the knowledge of RentMacha, shall be deemed illegal and will lead to immediate termination of the contract. RentMacha has every right to take away the items from the next location, with or without the consent of the lessee.

12.0  Ownership of Products

  • RentMacha shall at all times during the term of this Agreement, retain title to and / or be the beneficial owners of the Products delivered to the Lessee, pursuant to the Agreement.
  • Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as a transfer of ownership of the Products to the Lessee.
  • The Lessee shall give immediate notice to RentMacha if any of the Product is about to become liable or is threatened with seizure and the Lessee shall indemnify RentMacha against all loss and damage caused by such action against its Products.

13.0  Assignment

The Lessee shall not assign or transfer any interest in this Agreement or the Products without the written consent of RentMacha. Any such transfer or assignment shall be considered as illegal and hence a violation of the terms of this Agreement. RentMacha reserves the right to assign this Agreement, to any third party (including credit rating agencies, factoring agents and NBFC) without prior notice to the Lessee.

14.0 Early Termination

The contract has a lock-in period that is equivalent to the tenure of the contract that is agreed by the Lessee in the contract at the time of ordering. The customer can modify the contract tenure as per the following flexi-tenure policy:

In a case of early termination, the lessee can request for closing the order by informing RentMacha 2 weeks prior to the selected closure date. The difference in monthly rental rates between Contract tenure (the tenure selected at order placement) and Actual tenure (effective tenure at early closure) will have to be paid.

The amount due will be calculated as: (Actual tenure rent – Contract tenure rent) * No. of months of Actual tenure. This is applicable for all products except Air Conditioners (Window and Split)

Given our monthly rentals across products keep varying, please refer to the indexing that we apply to arrive at the Actual Tenure Rent basis set formula. Actual Rent = Contractual Rent * Ix

Where Ix will be basis the conditions of (Contractual Tenure – Actual Tenure = n)

    • Ix = 1.075, when n = 1
    • Ix = 1.15, when n =2
    • Ix = 1.2, when n = 3,4
    • Ix = 1.3, when n = 5
    • Ix = 1.4, when n > 5

Please note that in case your tenure was 3 months and a foreclosure happened, the entire 3 month rental will be applicable. This logic is only applicable when Actual tenure is > = 3

Also note that, all offers shall be void in case of a foreclosure of tenure/Part return in between.

In case of Air Conditioners (Window or Split) – No Foreclosure before 6 months shall be entertained and in any such event of a foreclosure, the Lessee shall pay the entire 6 month rental amount

For a foreclosure post 6 months of successful completion –

The applicable tenure rates for early closure are:

  • 6-9 month’s: 6 month’s rental rate
  • 9-12 month’s: 9 month’s rental rate
  • 12-15 month’s: 12 month’s rental rate
  • 15-18 month’s: 15 month’s rental rate
  • 18-24 month’s: 18 month’s rental rate

All requests will have to be mailed to support@rentmacha.com and no verbal communication shall be entertained. The onus is on the customer to ensure they drop an email. Failure to do so shall lead to delays in request processing and the customer shall be billed an charges that shall be applicable in such an event.

Limitation of Liability



RentMacha reserves the right to cancel the orders completely or partially without prior information & in such scenarios the complete deposit amount paid will be refunded within 7 working days. Any current/future orders placed by the Lessee has no connection with any of his/her previous orders