Appliance on Rent in Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad

Appliances on rent are a growing trend in big cities. As the country’s migrants from all regions move in large numbers to these cities. Along with locals, students and professionals in the workforce also favour this service. People in metro areas can now incredibly easily furnish their homes without worrying about the cost. The future is renting, and if you choose this service wisely, you can save a lot of money.
Without skimping on quality, Rentmacha offers top-notch rental options at the most affordable prices. Before being delivered to your house, every item undergoes a thorough test. The best prices are available for appliances on rent in Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad. Most of the appliances are either brand new or nearly new. So why are you still waiting? For any rental appliance needs in Chennai or Mumbai, contact Rentmacha.

Appliance on Rent in Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad at the best rentals in Town. Free Servicing, Flexi Tenure and more!

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SaleSold Out single-door-fridge-washing-machine-combo-appliances-on-rent-mumbai-chennai-hyderabad-rentmacha
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Starts at: 1,449.00 Starts at: 1,199.00
SaleNew RentMacha | LED TV 32 Inch Front View 1
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Starts at: 879.00 Starts at: 679.00
SaleSold Out Split_AC_on_rent_Mumbai_Hyderabad_Chennai_at_Lowest_Rentals_RentMacha
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Starts at: 1,874.00 Starts at: 1,299.00
SaleSold Out Window Air Conditioner or AC on Rent at the lowest Rates at RentMacha
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Starts at: 1,599.00 Starts at: 999.00
SaleSold Out Double Door Fridge on Rent in Mumbai
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Double Door Fridge

Starts at: 811.00 Starts at: 599.00
SaleSold Out Single Door Fridge on Rent | Front View
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Single Door Fridge

Starts at: 499.00 Starts at: 399.00
Sale RentMacha | LED TV 32 Inch Front View 1
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Starts at: 729.00 Starts at: 449.00
Sale Microwave Solo Side View
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Solo Microwave

Starts at: 399.00 Starts at: 329.00