Buying appliances can be an extremely tedious process, especially for working professionals or students who do not have the time to visit stores or go through reviews to narrow down on the perfect TV, or Washing Machine or even an AC. There are a lot of parameters one needs to research on, before they decide to invest on an appliance.

To make your life easy, we at RentMacha have taken the pain to research all the parameters to give you the best appliances on rent as per your requirement.

However, before you place an order with us, there are a few important pointers you should be aware of.

Space and Plug points

When renting any appliance, the most important thing to keep in mind is the space required for the appliance and the Plug points to take the electric load of the appliance. If you wish to take a Split AC or a Window AC on rent, you will need to figure out the best place to fit it in order for the air to flow out freely or find out if you have the provision for the same. If you plan to rent a Refrigerator, you must make sure there is enough space to open the refrigerator door or basket and nothing restricts the same. If you plan to take a Washing Machine on rent, you will need to figure out a space close to a tap and a drainage for the outlet pipe. 

Duration of Rental

Another thing you need to keep in mind is the duration that you would like to take the appliances on rent for. Most of our customers who have newly moved to the city or are sure of staying for a long period of time generally take the appliances for a duration of 6 months to a year and if they are staying back for longer, they increase their tenure close to the completion of the first one. All the three cities – Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai tend to get quite hot in the summer months and we see an overwhelming number of orders for ACs and Refrigerators around that time.

Lifestyle and Size of Household

Which appliance is suitable for your home is heavily based on your lifestyle. The choice of the appliance is often dependent on the number of people living under the same roof. For a single family with two members, a Single door fridge on rent is more than enough. For a Joint family or a family with more members, we usually suggest a two-door refrigerator on rent. The same goes for washing machines. The capacity of the washing machine is mostly dependent on the number of people washing clothes daily.

For someone with a smaller room, we generally suggest a lower tonnage when it comes to AC on rent. For someone with a bigger space, we suggest the larger one in order to help cool the room efficiently.


With any appliance that you wish to take on rent, hygiene becomes a huge factor, especially because the same product may have earlier been used by someone else. At RentMacha, that is something that you would never have to worry about. We clean all our appliances and disinfect them extremely well before we deliver the item to your home. We take extra care of all our products and maintain them on a regular basis. The appliances will reach you in perfect hygienic condition every time you place an order with us.

For all of the above reasons, we always encourage our customers to give us a call prior to placing an order so that we can help you choose the best option as per your needs.

Once you have placed an order for an appliance on rent on our website, or offline in any of the three cities, the rest of the work is ours to do. From helping you install the appliances, to providing a test run at your place, we ensure a smooth process till the very end.

Even during your rental tenure, if you have any issue with the appliance(s), you can very easily raise a service request with our team, and we would help fix the issue within 48 hours. 

Taking appliances on rent has never been easier and we ensure that you have a brilliant experience with the same. Once you get comfortable taking appliances on rent from RentMacha, there is no looking back. Whether you are staying at a place temporarily or for a long duration, you would gravitate towards taking appliances on rent rather than spending huge bucks on buying the same.

Wardrobe on Rent 101 – A quick intro

A wardrobe on rent is a must if you have a dozen clothes and do not want them cluttering the room all over. But while exploring various wardrobe rental options, it is important to narrow in on what exactly you want – Type, Size, Colour, cost etc.

At RentMacha we do the painstaking work of researching at our end to ensure you get the best wardrobe rental options at the lowest cost possible.

So, let’s quickly take a look at the top 6 things you must know while planning to take a wardrobe on rent.

Type of Wardrobe
The first instinct is to wonder if you need a metal, a solid wood or an engineering wood wardrobe for rent. Of all the options, the most economical and versatile would be the engineering wooden wardrobe. Easy to transport, easy to shift, easy to install and sturdy, all at the same time; The engineering wood ticks all the boxes. The metal, or a solid wooden wardrobe while seemingly strong, can become a burden from a cost perspective.

Size of Wardrobe

Wardrobes can be single door, double door, three door or even 4 door basis the design. What is important is that you have a clear idea of the space the room provides and accordingly opt for the best solution possible. Most of our clients go for the two-door wardrobe on rent as that is the best option. In case you do need a wardrobe that is not in our catalogue, do reach out to us and we might just surprise you.

Colour of Wardrobe

To keep it safe, stick to a woody texture or a wenge colour that seamlessly blends in with your room. Avoid white while taking a wardrobe on rent as they could get stained or dirty very easily. The colour of the interiors also becomes important and do make sure you ask the same during your rental journey.

Cost of Wardrobe Rental

You will be amazed at just how cheap this can be. At RentMacha our rentals start at as low as 299 per month. You can select the tenure basis your requirement and get the wardrobe inside just 48 hours all ready to transform your room. You can visit our website at – Renting is all about being nimble, smart, economical while looking a million bucks. At RentMacha we help you do just that effortlessly.

Cleaning Process for Wardrobes

This is another crucial thing that we take very seriously. Every wardrobe we send out on rent is inspected, cleaned and made to go through a 5-step disinfection process. That is why we proudly claim our wardrobes that we provide on rent to being in mint condition.

Wardrobe Rental Procedure

Renting wardrobes is as easy as a click at RentMacha. Just visit our website, select the wardrobe of your choice, select the tenure and only pay the deposit at the time of checkout. Your rentals start only once the product is delivered and installed at your place. The deposit is a nominal amount and refundable at the end of your tenure.


Our cities of services

We provide wardrobe on rent in Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad. Rated amongst the top rental providers, we at RentMacha go that extra mile to ensure you have the best experience possible. Should you need our services in any of these cities, do not hesitate to give us a call.

Taking a washing machine on rent can be a bigger chore than getting those laundry tasks done. That is why at RentMacha, we go that extra mile to pick the right washing machine on rental basis.

To keep things simple, we provide mostly Top Load Washing Machines on Rent as they are the easiest to use. What matters the most while picking the right washing machine is the capacity. Top Load washing machines can start from 5.8 Kg capacity all the way to 7.5 Kg and more. The higher the capacity, the more clothes it can handle on one go. 

A few things one must keep in mind before taking a washing machine on rent, and they are: 

  1. What capacity to go for
  2. Does Brand really matter while renting washing machine?
  3. Why RentMacha is the right place for your rental needs?
  4. What precautions are being taken from a cleanliness and hygiene standpoint?

Capacity decision while taking Washing Machine on Rent

First off, what is the ideal capacity to use? The answer to that depends on a variety of factors:

a.) How often do you use the washing machine? 

As bachelors or working professionals, doing daily chores can be next to impossible. Often, we let our clothes pile up and do our laundry over the weekend. Hence you have to keep that in mind while planning your weekly usage.

b.) How many are living under the same roof?

A family of 4 wanting to wash clothes at one go will need a higher capacity vs. a bachelor living all by himself. 

Brand call while taking Washing Machine on Rent

Once you have decided on the capacity, the next things you have to think about are – Which brand of washing machine to take on rent, Which drum type to choose and, How to ensure optimal usage of the washing machine.

Yes, it can be a daunting task and we at RentMacha have a set of experts who have gone through all these questions painstakingly. So be rest assured as you go ahead and explore our range of washing machines on rent.

The long and short answer to the age old “Brand” question is – Leave that worry to us. A washing machine is a simple drum run via a belt with a standard set of functions. Each brand would have a multitude of models to pick from, which is why we take everything into consideration and choose the right model/brand combination. Haier, Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, Onida, MarQ   – We have a wide range of brands that we choose from. We ensure that at any given point in time we are able to give you the best product at the lowest rentals possible.

Why RentMacha for your Washing Machine Rental needs?

Then comes the bigger questions, why is RentMacha the right place for your washing machine rental needs?

Be it Mumbai, Chennai or Hyderabad we give the same experience across each city. This is to ensure that you can rent your washing machine from anywhere and expect the same level of comfort. 

Before any delivery, do check if the right outlet has been provided. If not, do get the plumber to fix that first to avoid any delay on the day of delivery.

On the day of delivery of your rented product, our trained executives ensure they give you a quick run-down on how to use the machine. This will also include a trial run to allay any concerns you might have. We at RentMacha, take our customers’ experience seriously and hence we encourage you to ask as many questions as possible.

Should you have any problem, our team of in-house technicians will visit your place inside 48 hours. Most of our washing machines that we give on rent are covered by warranty, therefore you need not stress.

Our Safety Protocols and Cleaning Process

Last but not the least – What precautions are we taking from a cleanliness and hygiene standpoint?

Every washing machine on rent that we provide undergoes a strict cleaning process. We do a deep clean with the right disinfectants to ensure the exterior and interiors are free from any germs. All our products are in mint condition and in case of any nicks and dents we do our best to fix them to the best of our ability. 

Taking it a step further, we also do a test run of the washing machine with a sample cloth to check if the product is working properly. In case we find any defect, we repair them at our warehouse before we send them to you.



Hope this article was helpful. Should you need to rent a washing machine do reach out to us at RentMacha and we would love to help you out. 

We all have one of those days when we look around our homes and think to make changes to the places around the interiors. It can include a messy-looking chair that you can replace with a new chair on rent in Chennai or an old shelf that you have not even used for a long time. You get across all of the furniture hacks when surfing on the internet to find the suitable one; it is when you are extremely busier, just like that, you come back to reality. You actually consider all the possible hacks you need to put in to make renovations in your messy-looking bedroom or an extremely muddled living room. You don’t have to worry about anything; it is not that difficult to fix a few things on your lazy days while you are listening to your favorite music, so we are here to guide you on how you can do that.

Use an old ladder lying around.

It is among the most amazing hacks that can make your study room or guest room look amazingly good – all you need is to paint it beautifully and place the antiques you have at your place. When adding it to your space, make sure to paint it with a color that best suits the tone or mood of your room while you place it in a corner. Decorate the empty rungs of that painted ladder with a few antiques, and there you go! At last, you can get a beautiful, aesthetically appealing side corner that will make anyone amaze with its look. Another option is to go with a shoe rack on rent in Hyderabad that is used for keeping shoes and works well to keep things organized.

Turn your laundry bag into a bedside light.

It’s an interesting thought when you have an old reading lamp and a laundry bag lying around in your house – you can actually turn them into a bedside lamp. All you need to do is to cut off the fabric on the laundry bag base and place your reading lamp into the laundry bag. Plus, the bonus point is that you can choose your own color – laundry bags are actually not that expensive. You can place them in one of the corners of your room, and these will diffuse the light beautifully to provide you with a super functional bedside lamp.

Use old clothes along with the laundry bags for an ottoman

If you have too many old clothes lying around in your wardrobe, you can follow this furniture hack to keep your wardrobe cleaner and to get yourself a new space. You can use a laundry basket made of cloth and fill it with old clothes, and to fill it up, put everything possible – whether those are the blankets or the towels. However, you need to make sure that you are arranging them appropriately inside the laundry basket so that they can entirely lay flat. Pack it tightly, close it to the top of the laundry bag and place a throw on the top of it to cover it efficiently.

When you need to enhance your space aesthetically, you can go with an option to choose office furniture on rent in Chennai that comes in handy to add the needed detail to your space. RentMacha provides living and dining room furniture on rent that beautifully adds an elegant look to the interiors.

With the growing heat, your cooling concerns grow, and without a fridge, you would literally have no chill! You might be moving to a new place for job opportunities and must be looking for ways to make upgrades to your space – it would be great to get appliances on rent for your home needs. For the appliances that cost thousands of rupees, it is better to do thorough research from your side when making an investment wisely. Various factors actually contribute to the ideal fridge for your home – the size, price, as well as longevity are among the major needs to choose the right refrigerator. You can even make your choice simpler by getting a fridge on rent, so with the RentMacha collection of fridges, you can get appropriate that blends well with your space. The best thing is that when your fridge requirements change with time, you can easily swap or upgrade to a fridge that best suits your requirements. You can even return or purchase a new one anytime when you want to swap things to make changes in your home interiors that match your requirements.

There are still some pending decisions you need to make, and you will still need to know more about the capacity as well as the performance before you choose the right fridge to rent. Here is our list of refrigerators available in the market, and you can choose the suitable one that best goes with your needs as well –


Mini refrigerators are extremely handy when you are a dorm student with a tight budget or need a separate cool space to keep your beer collection. These are extremely lower in cost and extremely compact in size, making them perfect additions for your TV rooms, but they come in handy when you have guests over your place. You can even rent a fridge that works great when you need a secondary option to store your icecreams, beers, cokes, or anything when you are organizing an event or a small get-together.

Single door fridge

Single door fridges provide the needed convenience of a mini-fridge while offering you enough space to stock up daily necessities or eatables. Single door fridges are available to provide a compact convenience of a mini-fridge while providing you with enough space to stock up the groceries or other important eatables. Further, single door fridges are available in different sizes that work great to offer flexibility to suit your needs, and if you have rented your first apartment and living alone or with any of the other people, a single door refrigerator will suit all of your needs. Additionally, if you are a health buff, an organic foodie, or living with more than two people, a single-door refrigerator works great to fulfill your storage needs.

Double door fridge

It can be seen as a standard model, and it can probably qualify for the best value for money for three or more person households, so the best part about the double door refrigerator is the separate freezer area and different temperature controls. You can chill each part of your stored food at the desired level without over-chilling the others, so when you choose the double-door fridge, make sure to choose it wisely. When choosing a fridge on rent in Hyderabad, make sure to choose the right that meets your home needs as well while fulfilling your storage needs.