Planning to a buy a bed? Moved to a new city and need your house to look like a million bucks? 

Here are a few reasons why perhaps you would be better off renting the bed than buying it.

Tenure of stay in the city

Nothing is certain, least of all your location these days. The average tenure of a tenant in a rented house is only 11 months and that means frequent relocations. If your tenure is anything lesser than 3 years, you should take the bed on rent. By renting you leave the headache of relocation to us while you enjoy your stay.

Type of Bed 

Renting lets you swap between designs and that is why you are better off taking a bed on rent. Unlike buying one, renting lets you revamp your bedroom look by the click of a button. We provide metal bed on rent and wooden bed on rent across three cities – Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad. 

Avoiding headache of selling or relocating

The biggest problem with beds is that they can be heavy, bulky and can get damaged easily when you are transporting them. Even the best beds bought at a high price get sold at dirt cheap rates when the time comes to relocate. And if we decide to take them along, the cost of relocation itself ends up becoming a huge expense. 

That is why in such cases it is best to take a bed on rent vs. buying it outright. 

When you take a bed on rent from RentMacha, you also get our dedicated support system. Call us for any issues and our executives will help you out right away. 

All our beds on rent are sanitized well and checked for any issues to ensure you have the best experience possible. Our designers have selected only the best for your rental needs. Be it Chennai, Mumbai or Hyderabad, you can be rest assured to get the same quality of bed each time.

What is more is that our beds on rent start at insanely low rental rates thus making it easier for you to go ahead and rent. All you would need to pay is a nominal deposit, and the rentals start only once the bed is installed at your location. 

To place an order for a bed on rent, you can either call us or directly or place an order online. Renting has never been easier and all it takes are a few steps before you are done. 

Last but not the least, do not forget to explore all our other products and offers at RentMacha while you select the best bed on rent. To know more, visit us at