Taking a washing machine on rent can be a bigger chore than getting those laundry tasks done. That is why at RentMacha, we go that extra mile to pick the right washing machine on rental basis.

To keep things simple, we provide mostly Top Load Washing Machines on Rent as they are the easiest to use. What matters the most while picking the right washing machine is the capacity. Top Load washing machines can start from 5.8 Kg capacity all the way to 7.5 Kg and more. The higher the capacity, the more clothes it can handle on one go. 

A few things one must keep in mind before taking a washing machine on rent, and they are: 

  1. What capacity to go for
  2. Does Brand really matter while renting washing machine?
  3. Why RentMacha is the right place for your rental needs?
  4. What precautions are being taken from a cleanliness and hygiene standpoint?

Capacity decision while taking Washing Machine on Rent

First off, what is the ideal capacity to use? The answer to that depends on a variety of factors:

a.) How often do you use the washing machine? 

As bachelors or working professionals, doing daily chores can be next to impossible. Often, we let our clothes pile up and do our laundry over the weekend. Hence you have to keep that in mind while planning your weekly usage.

b.) How many are living under the same roof?

A family of 4 wanting to wash clothes at one go will need a higher capacity vs. a bachelor living all by himself. 

Brand call while taking Washing Machine on Rent

Once you have decided on the capacity, the next things you have to think about are – Which brand of washing machine to take on rent, Which drum type to choose and, How to ensure optimal usage of the washing machine.

Yes, it can be a daunting task and we at RentMacha have a set of experts who have gone through all these questions painstakingly. So be rest assured as you go ahead and explore our range of washing machines on rent.

The long and short answer to the age old “Brand” question is – Leave that worry to us. A washing machine is a simple drum run via a belt with a standard set of functions. Each brand would have a multitude of models to pick from, which is why we take everything into consideration and choose the right model/brand combination. Haier, Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, Onida, MarQ   – We have a wide range of brands that we choose from. We ensure that at any given point in time we are able to give you the best product at the lowest rentals possible.

Why RentMacha for your Washing Machine Rental needs?

Then comes the bigger questions, why is RentMacha the right place for your washing machine rental needs?

Be it Mumbai, Chennai or Hyderabad we give the same experience across each city. This is to ensure that you can rent your washing machine from anywhere and expect the same level of comfort. 

Before any delivery, do check if the right outlet has been provided. If not, do get the plumber to fix that first to avoid any delay on the day of delivery.

On the day of delivery of your rented product, our trained executives ensure they give you a quick run-down on how to use the machine. This will also include a trial run to allay any concerns you might have. We at RentMacha, take our customers’ experience seriously and hence we encourage you to ask as many questions as possible.

Should you have any problem, our team of in-house technicians will visit your place inside 48 hours. Most of our washing machines that we give on rent are covered by warranty, therefore you need not stress.

Our Safety Protocols and Cleaning Process

Last but not the least – What precautions are we taking from a cleanliness and hygiene standpoint?

Every washing machine on rent that we provide undergoes a strict cleaning process. We do a deep clean with the right disinfectants to ensure the exterior and interiors are free from any germs. All our products are in mint condition and in case of any nicks and dents we do our best to fix them to the best of our ability. 

Taking it a step further, we also do a test run of the washing machine with a sample cloth to check if the product is working properly. In case we find any defect, we repair them at our warehouse before we send them to you.



Hope this article was helpful. Should you need to rent a washing machine do reach out to us at RentMacha and we would love to help you out.